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Category: Gallery

Tiles Honing

Store Front Panels Restoration

Polished Marble Floor. Black & White

Shiping Package Box

Shower Mold Removal

Dropped Sink

Rust Stain On Granite

Mosaic Shower Floor Restoration

Etchings On Marble Countertop. White Cararra

Dull Kitchen Marble Island

Polished Bathroom Floor

Black Granite Sink. Grout Repair

Travertine Storefront Before Cleaning

Installed Shower Tiles

Fireplace Brick Wall

Marble Lobby Floor Before Work

Bathroom Faucets Before Caulking

Porcelain Tile Polishing

Fireplace Installation

Etches Removed

Granite Seam Expansion

Travertine Storefront Corner. Cleaned And Polished

Marble Step Before Replacment

Kitchen Countertop. White Carrara Restoration

Marble Vanity Crack Repair. Before

Marble Enhancer Sealer Restoration

Marble Fish. Chip Repair

Dull Wall Tiles

Jerusalem Marble Hone Finished

Granite Seam Fixed

Shower Door Saddle

Marble Vanity

Molded Tiles Floor Fixed

Tiles Walls Honing Repair

Marble Vanity Top Restoration

Granite Top Fixed Crack

Stained Marble Fixed

Sealer Color Enhancing

Radiator Window Before

Tabletop Seam Fixed

Dining Tabletop Repair

Restored Tiles Cabin

Floor Tiles Replacement Before

Marble Lobby Before Work

Statue Base Damaged

Marble Fish Chipped

Tabletop Corner Fixed

Ceramic Shower Repair

Before Re Grouting

Concrete Tiles Bathroom

Granite Island Seam Before Work

Retail Store Marble Step. After

Fireplace Repair

Fireplace Restoration

Ceramic Tiles In Shower. After Regrouting And Recaulking

Cracked Marble Molding. Frame Around Elevator Door

Scratched Marble Vanity

Dining Tabletop Crack Repair

Lobby Marble Panels Replaced

Granite Outdoor Step. Before Cleaning

Marble Tablet Gap Removal/Flettening. After

Marble Vanity After

Radiator Window

Onyx Table Restoration

Fireplace Fixed

Marble Floor

Tiles Floor Rere Grouting

Onix Tabletop Broken Cut

Surface Fireplace Aft Repair

Marble Fireplace

Tabletop Leg Mounting

Marble Storefront Fixed

Kitchen Island Fixed

Fireplace Repair Panel After Work

Keystonemarble Stained

Marble Vanity Sink Mounting

Marble Surface Installation

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