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Marble Steps Restoration & Replacement

Marble steps can add an exquisite look to any home or workplace. They create an elegant look that will impress any visitor and help you to enjoy your home or office on a daily basis. Unfortunately, marble can become damaged after years of normal use or if abnormal wear and tear become a problem. These are the most frequently used parts of the building and thus with time they are susceptible to wearing away and damage.

Outdoor marble steps can be damaged by inclement weather or by years of being out in the rain and snow.

Indoor steps can be damaged if someone drops a heavy object like furniture or if people are not careful about how they use the steps.

Fortunately, you do not have to completely replace damaged marble steps in most cases. Marble steps restoration can help you to improve the look of damaged marble at a price that is more affordable than a complete replacement.

Types of Damages

As mentioned above, marble steps can be damaged by a number of incidents. You may notice cracks, stains, chips, or missing pieces of marble if your steps have been damaged. This damage can leave the marble looking dull or dirty or cracks and chips may become obvious and ruin the look of your marble. Once this type of damage has occurred, you need to fix it as soon as possible. Leaving marble damage in place can allow the damage to worsen, making it difficult to repair instead of replacing your marble steps.

Additionally, a broken step means immediate repair because it is the most frequently used part of the house. Damages in the stairs like breakage or chipping can easily lead to any accident especially if there are any kids.

Performing Your Own Restoration

While the most minor scratches and cracks could be repaired on your own, it’s best to leave marble steps restoration to professionals who work with marble on a regular basis. Any repair finishes must match the color of your marble exactly, so the finishes need to be selected by someone who is familiar with the matching process. Repairing chips, scratches, and cracks should also be done by a professional since making a mistake in the repair process can make existing damage even worse. A marble steps restoration professional will know the exact techniques to use to make your existing marble look like new.

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