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Marble Crystallization, Grinding and Polishing

Marble is the floor covering used in places of intensive people traffic, like shopping centers, offices, hotels. The noble appearance of marble requires special care: over time, the stone loses its luster, the surface becomes entangled with a networ read more...

Some Facts

• The harvesting and use of stone has basically not changed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The process involves extraction from quarries, cutting into manageable slabs, transportation and customization. What has changed, are the methods t read more...

Marble Care Tips

One Serious Question – How Properly To Care for Marble? First, remember, that it is impossible to use acid in any kinds for shining marble or stains removing. It is incorrect to clean a stone by vinegar, cologne, a lemon juice (lemon acid) or Coca- read more...

About Stone Restoration and Marble Processing

In the process of polishing, it is possible to seal chips and damage on the marble floor with two-component glue. The glue is selected in color and transparency and can be indistinguishable from natural inclusions in marble. Recently, marble with a read more...

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  • Marble Crystallization, Grinding and Polishing
    ABC Stone Inc. is a professional stone restoration company based in New York. We are specializing in natural and artificial stone restoration in many applications such as floors, walls, tabletops, countertops, showers, bathrooms, fireplaces, etc.