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Marble Chips Repair

Chip repair may be performed when the chip is localized on any areas, such as countertop edge, vanity, or tile surface. There are various reasons due to which chipping can occur, for example, maybe happened when you accidentally drop down your kitchenware from a cabinet above or even while installation of brand new marble or granite.

Our specialists able repair practically any chip or gouges in natural stones such as marble, granite and in man-made stones such as Corian®, Zodiaq®, CaesarStone®, Silestone® and other brands as well.

Marble chips repairs usually involve the color matching to existing stone and then flattening and polishing. After repair, the chips are mostly undetectable to anyone who is unaware of the original chip location.

Until a short time ago, if chip happens on man-made stones such as Corian®, Zodiaq®, CaesarStone®, Silestone® there was not a technician who was able to repair it.

Now we have the technician who was worked with many man-made stones and able to provide you with the best chip repair result.

We use polyepoxide, the popular name of which is epoxy which acts with a hardener, ideal for chip repair. With the help of a razor blade, we place epoxy to fill up the gaps so that in time it solidifies. Also, we do the mixing of some pigments and colors with the epoxy to match the right shade.

Nine out of ten people will not be able to find a repaired chip. But you will still able to find it because you remember exactly where it was chipped.

Just because you have a chipped countertop edge does not mean that you have to change the entire thing. If you are facing a problem with a marble chip then get in touch with us and we give you the solution.

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