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Marble Countertop Restoration in New York

Like any other product made out of marble if it is not maintained properly then you will definitely need a restoration done.

When scratches, etchings, or chips are spreading overall, the surface is worn and dull; it is more economical and effective to restore the countertop. The durability and appearance of the restored piece should be the same as newly installed.

There is the eternal problem of stains and etching and chipping of the edges. All these difficulties can be handled by our service. We work with almost any kind of damage until and unless the stone has been damaged beyond repair, in which case a full replacement of the entire countertop will be needed.

Marble countertop restoration allows you to get into shape or renew your existing granite or marble countertop to an excellent as new condition using the process that is much chipper than the price of replacement.

The process can include:

• Refinishing
• Polishing & Honing
• Chips repair
• Cracks repair
• Scratches removal
• Seams repair
• Etches and watermarks removal
• Dull spots removal
• Surface polishing to shine, hone, matte finishes
• Edges polishing
• Sinks repair and installation
• Sealing & color enhancing
• Post-installation works
• Others

We are using only materials that were tested by us many times and prove their effectiveness. We do high detailed restoration, using equipment designed especially for the restoration.

With our services, we can bring back the lost shine to your kitchen countertop. Minor scratches can be removed and seams can be refilled with pre-colored epoxy which will match with the color of existent marble.

Do not replace the original counter with a new one, contact us and we will give you the cost of restoration and other possible options.

The restoration process will create your existing marble countertop look like brand new.


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