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Marble Floor Restoration Service

Has the marble floor of your house lost its shine and is looking dull?

Are the tiles slowly becoming victims of wear and tear?

With the growing culture of residential sky scrapper, costly apartments, marble floor is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays a new furnished apartment without marble floor is a rare sight.

However all good things have drawbacks or the others. Marble also fall victim to these problems. Improperly installed tiles, reaction with cleaners, etching, and wear and tear are some of the very common sights. Marble are costly and so once the money is invested people want to extend lifetime of their investments.

Marble Floor Restoration Process

Marble floor restoration process of returning floor to its original appearance, it may involve following: scratches, stains removal, grinding, polishing, buffing, tile replacement, re grouting and as final sealing.

Stones, such as marble, travertine, and limestone will be wearing-out with use. Foot traffic, cleaning will cause the stone scratching and losing luster. This process can be faster with inappropriate care or overmuch harsh stone cleaning.

The one enemy of a marble floor are sand particles which are carried from street by feet. For extending operation of a marble floor it is necessary to use a door mat for feet cleanup, regularly to wash a floor with the special cleaners which are not contains acid, alkaline or abrasives.

Marble floor loses the shine, mostly on places where people often walk, there are micro scratches.

The most popular methods:

For slightly scratched marble we do polishing by fine diamond abrasives (Diamond pads) and then buffing or crystallizing, while crystallization the light polishing procedure creates marble dust, which chemically oxidate and by high friction heat, crystallizing into oxidation film, which is as one body with marble, but this film has gloss finish, higher hardness and water resistance. For more worn or damaged floors we do deeper polishing, known as grinding.

We expertise in all kinds of problems associated with marble floors. Right from fixing slabs in your floor to making it shiny again.

We will require complete access to the area or room to work to be an effective one. While working, your walls your furniture will be protected as well.

This is where we can help you to get marble floor restoration done for you. Our company solves all these issues to bring a smile and prevent your investment from going to waste.



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