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Marble & Granite Sealing & Stain Proofing

Do I really need to seal?

Well, if your consultant says you don’t … you don’t. However, before selecting the marble or granite, there is a simple test that you can do to convince yourself. Sprinkle several drops of water on the surface of the stone and then note how long it takes before they are completely invisible. Less than a minute, reveals high porosity, up to 4 minutes will mean the stone is still porous. If absorption takes a longer time, you will have your answer.

What will my stone be exposed to?

This will depend on where it will be located. Countertops in your kitchen may be exposed to an oil, soda, food stains, whereas, your bathroom or vanity would be exposed to a cosmetic, toiletry, soap stains.

What will my stone look like after sealing?

First of all, you should decide what surface finish you wish to have. You may want a honed or matte finish, semi-gloss finish or, maybe a high-gloss look. The choice, of course, is yours. Either way, there are appropriate sealers to suit your choice of finish. If you have decided to go for sealing, it will be time to learn about what will be ideal for your needs.

Which product should I use, and why?

There are primarily two types of penetrating sealers, “Regular‘’  and “Color Enhancer”, and you may choose either of the two, depending on the type of stone and finishing you’ve selected.

This is specifically meant for penetrating stone surfaces. It provides deep, inner protection to the entire structure of the stone, below the surface, but does not change the stone appearance. It is recommended for light-colored, calcareous, natural stones such as marble, onyx, limestone, or travertine. This can prevent surface staining caused by oil, dirt, and soil. This kind is available in water and solvent-based, formulations.

Color enhancer.
Recommended for dark colors and provides efficient stain resistance. However, before applying, it is important to first check whether it has been specified. It may slightly alter the color of the surface but can raise the kind of shine finish that you may be seeking.

As stone can vary in porous density, it is extremely important to check application instructions of the particular sealer before purchase or usage or consult a stone professional. Finally, the decision to apply, or not to apply leaves with you. Having invested a lot of money in such materials may be one big reason why you cannot, and should not, ignore the use of a sealer. Spare a moment. Think

Floor Sealing

Got your flooring done with marble? Used marble tiles and floors in your bathroom as well? All looks clean and bright and ready to use? Just hang on a minute! The process is not complete yet. You have to do something else to ensure that you can enjoy the marble floor for a longer period of time. When one uses marble stones for their houses or office it goes without saying that it involves a pretty heavy expenditure on that person’s part. So he must make sure that the marble is worth the value and the best way to do that is to ensure that they are prevented from the common problems that can damage marble tiles and floors.

The extra step that you have to do is just a sealing. This will also ensure that your marble is stain proof and does not have to scrub with soda at just a slip of a wine glass from one’s hand. What it basically does is that it creates a shield over the surface so that it remains protected from the daily worries and even if something spills on it, the marble will not retain the stain.

There are basically two types of sealers when it comes to stain proofing which is used normally.

The first one is known as the impregnator. This chemical process involves sealing the marble surface from within so that the stains are sucked in and do not leave any mark.

If you want to add a dash of color to your marble then opt for the second kind of sealer known as the color enhancer. It will give a wet appearance to the stone and add to the shine and shade of it. All in all, it will not only make your floor and tiles look nice and pretty it will also protect it from stains. We apply these methods and provide you with the ideal sealing and stain-proofing of marble.

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