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Marble vanity being restored in a bathroom

The image depicts a professional marble vanity restoration service in progress. A skilled technician is shown meticulously working on the surface of a marble vanity, utilizing specialized tools and techniques to restore its original appearance and functionality. The area is well-lit to ensure precision and accuracy in the restoration process. The technician is wearing protective gear and expertly assessing the needs of the marble vanity to provide tailored restoration solutions.

The restoration service includes thorough cleaning, sanding, polishing, and sealing of the marble vanity to achieve a flawless finish. The technician is focused on enhancing the natural beauty of the marble while addressing any imperfections or damage that may have occurred over time. The result of this meticulous restoration process will showcase the renewed elegance and durability of the marble vanity, providing long-lasting satisfaction for the client.

Marble vanity restoration is a cost effective alternative to replacement. Replacement is costly, and the procedure may be a mess. If your marble vanity is chipped, stained, cracked, or you want to just improve to a more fresh look, a restoration can be solution for you!

Marble vanity can be stained by certain liquids and hard to clean. After completion of  restoration, we suggest to apply the stone sealer to prevent staining in future.

Restoration Steps:

• Refinishing
• Grinding
• Polishing
• Buffing
• Sealing and Stain-Proofing
• Cracks and Seams Repair
• Chips Repair
• Stains removal
• Edges Restoration
• Backsplashes restoration
• Sink Mounting or Repair
• Faucet Holes Drilling and Rearranging
• Color Enhancing (for dark marble)
• Recaulking
• Others

The restored marble vanity may have a hone (matte) finish, semi gloss or gloss finish and be as durable as new surface and simple to clean.


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