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Some Facts

• The harvesting and use of stone has basically not changed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The process involves extraction from quarries, cutting into manageable slabs, transportation and customization. What has changed, are the methods that those processes go through.

• Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones in the world. Marble are very common and as days are passing by it’s becoming one of the basic necessity of houses, offices and so on.

• It’s used for variety of purpose ranging from decorative purposes to flooring, kitchen counter tops to fireplaces. It enriches the beauty of the place where ever it’s kept.

• Usually the word “stone” associates with something strong, heavy and durable. Facing by a stone – one of widely used and popular architectural approach. Marble used in buildings and private residences as well. However many ignores, that the marble used for walls and floors – soft enough with original structure which is very easy may be damaged or stained.

• Marble have some drawbacks. It can get damaged from time to time. Kinds of damage may include scratches, stains, cracks, loss of shine, uneven placement of tiles etc.

• On products made from a marble may appear chips, cracks, scratches; floors from soft marble in crowded places can be worn by sand and foot traffic.

• It is true that marble do not come cheap and they need to be maintained.

• External facing at strong influence of aggressive environment can lose appearance also. It is especially may be in city environment on limestone building facing.

• Marble is one of those natural stones which get damaged very easily. You have to be very careful when it comes to marble because once they get damaged to a greater degree, then, it will become almost impossible for anyone to repair.

• Of the many dangers that threaten a marble one is that of etching. Etching does not occur that easily but once it does dare not neglect it.

• Marble as a natural stone has a certain combination of minerals which reacts when it comes in contact with anything acidic. When any form of acidic liquid, which we sometimes use, comes in contact with a marble floor then it will develop etches.

• Marble surface able to shine itself and does not require a topical layer of wax to reach this preferred finish. Marble only need a succession of diamond pads used in the correct arrange by a skilled worker who practice in their operation. The followed by a delicate polishing procedure that may be achieved from practice only.

• After restoration the marble surface becoming smoother and shine as when it was installed. Grinding and polishing are performing on entire surface on the deep of the deepest scratches or gaps. In addition, deepest gaps can be filled by tinted epoxy paste, especially designed for such works.

• Marble and granite applications – one of the most fashionable and actual design decisions for today. Advantages of marble and granite: decorative effect, hardness and durability.

• Marble was applied from antiquity as a constructional and facing architectural material, thanks to the durability and decorative advantages.

• Hardness and fine-grain structure makes marble well workable in the processing, capable to accept polishing, which allow a beauty, spotty and layered structure come to light.

• The pattern and drawing depends not only from a marble structure, but also from a direction on which the stone cutting is made. The best marble color and drawing will appear after the surface will be finished to ideal smoothness and then polished.

• Beautiful products from marble – tabletops, countertops, vanities, bath tops, and fireplaces – great and valuable present for an ornament of the house environment.

• Marble care is simple. Regularly clean a surface, apply a plain sealer. Polishing will force this miracle material to reflect light brightly.

• Modern granite one of the most durable and traditionally used as building material. A suitable building material – granite very tough, therefore it often used for creation of massive tables, columns, bases for stairways mounting, etc. Besides the granite surface may perfectly polished, today also quite often used rough facing elements intended reduce footwear sliding, just for furnish of stairways, and other zones with high traffic. Already having studied all its unique qualities, durability and usability, leading engineers and architects continue to use intensively valuable granite, in their projects.

• Natural stones as marble and granite have a good durability, resistance to moisture and mechanical impacts, therefore often it used for flooring and walls. Marble is fine way to enrich the house as it beautiful and comfortable material. It is aesthetic rich and practical. However, marble and granite surfaces lose sooner or later their appearance, if was not to care properly.

• Marble happens to be one of the most popular and preferred natural stones of all times. It has been used by many before for various purposes and it will continue to be used because of its easy availability and usability. Marble is a natural stone which is used for mainly decorative purposes, mostly like flooring, counter tops, fireplaces, tiles and many others.

• This metamorphic rock which is composed of mainly dolomite and calcite is prone to wear with passing time. Various chemical reactions of the surroundings rid the marble off its luster and shine.

• There are many reasons like rough stone surfaces or out of place placing of the stone can lead to wear.

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